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            &#x22;The Bill&#x22;

            "The Bill" (1984) 5.0

            1984-10-16(英國)| 犯罪| 英國
            上映時間:1984-10-16(英國) 類型: 犯罪
            評分: 力薦



            advertisement PC Jim Carver: Bradford? She's got about as much community spirit as Adolf Hitler. [to PC Klein] Cass Rickman: You look like Dracula with the flu. DC Mike Dashwood: Anything else? DI Burnside: Yeah, a garage full of bricks. DC Mike Dashwood: What kind of bricks? DI Burnside: The kind the third little pig used to build his house out of. Brick, bricks. PC Cass Rickman: Smithy thinks the lotus position is having sex in a flash car. Sgt. Bob Cryer: Never Volunteer; it's an old army saying. DI Burnside: I'll have to remember that next time I'm in an old army. Sgt. Matt Boyden: When The Met employed Reg Hollis, they deprived a village of its idiot. Chief Supt. Charles Brownlow: Did the prisoner hurt himself? Sgt. Matt Boyden: Unfortunately not sir. Sgt. Matt Boyden: Let's keep the off air chit-chat off air shall we. Sgt. Alec Peters: Best thing to do is to close your office door. Chief Inspector Derek Conway: Yeah, and tell the world to Foxtrot Oscar. DCC Gordon Cooper: So, who should we expect a visit from? Supt. Tom Chandler: DC Mickey Webb, small bloke, yaps like a dog. PC Cathy Bradford: D'you think Reg is all right? PC Gary Best: He's not exactly Rambo is he? Insp. Gina Gold: Reg may not be a superhero, but I know who I'd like to be with me in a tight corner and it wouldn't be you, Best, all right! PC Debbie Keane: [talking about a credit card thief Sonia Papadopoulos] Hey, you know this Sonia what's-her-face? PC George Garfield: What you mean Sonia Shop-till-you-dropoulos? DS John Boulton: [a lawyer standing in his underpants in a football changing room] Oh, great. The brief in briefs. PC Jim Carver: Say you got a credit card, right? DC Alfred 'Tosh' Lines: Yep. PC Jim Carver: And some slag's got your details... DC Alfred 'Tosh' Lines: Yep, yep. PC Jim Carver: And they're usin' it, buying stuff. DC Alfred 'Tosh' Lines: Yep, yep, what's your point? PC Jim Carver: Well you are still entitled to the points aren't you? DC Alfred 'Tosh' Lines: Penetrating intelligence like yours Jim, I don't know why you've not been promoted. PC Jim Carver: You takin' the mickey? DS Geoff Daly: [talking about a married suspect who's got his 24-year-old girlfriend pregnant and doesn't know what to do] Can't help feeling sorry for Ted DC Rod Skase: What? C'mon! He's trading in his clapped out old Escort for a brand new GTi. Unfortunately it's got a baby seat built in as well! DS Geoff Daly: You're a right bleeding heart Rod! PC Steven 'Steve' Loxton: [on the way to a roadblock to catch a thief who hit Boulton and escaped arrest] He's a dangerous man, Pol. So when we're checkin' these cars I want you to stay nice and close to me! PC Polly Page: [Gary and George laugh] I thought that's what you meant! PC Steven 'Steve' Loxton: You may laugh but he's knocked the crap out of CID's finest! PC George Garfield: Yeah well that's not very hard! PC Gary McCann: From the description he sounds like a dwarf! PC Steven 'Steve' Loxton: Well he's a vicious dwarf! He kneed DS Boulton in the orchastra stalls! DI Burnside: Annoyed? First Class passengers on the Titanic were annoyed. What I'm feeling now goes beyond that. DI Burnside: Ask the real community what they want and they'll tell you loud and clear. Cuff 'em and stuff 'em. DI Burnside: [on Brownlow's secretary Marion] I'd like to do the Lambada with her. DI Burnside: I don't get stress... I give it. PC Gabriel Kent: You think I'm afraid of you Kerry? I'm not. You're like a fly buzzing around me, waiting to be swatted away. PC Kerry Young: Yeah, well we all know what flies are attracted to. PC Lance Powell: He's so far in the closet, he might as well be in Narnia! PC Sheelagh Murphy: I've got a husband, I know what it's like when a bloke's got the flu: somewhere between Ebola and Bubonic plague. PC Honey Harman: I know what they say about me at the station. A bit 40 watts. Dim. Insp. Gina Gold: This is not a Marxist collective, you know. When I say do it - you go do it. PC Yvonne Hemmingway: Oh my God, they killed Kenny! [to DS Samantha Nixon] DS Phil Hunter: Sergeants stick together; maybe you should join the club. [about Inspector Gina Gold] PC Jim Carver: How's the dragon this morning? Is she breathing fire or smoking it? Insp. Gina Gold: Rules are rules, and if I thought for one minute you were bending them for anyone - including me - I'd kick you from hell to breakfast! Sgt Dale 'Smithy' Smith: [pulls a quantity of drugs from a pushchair] "Makes a change from a cuddly toy".




            導演: 孔嘉歡

            演員: 呂星辰董凡



            導演: 彭臣

            演員: 陳昊宇彥希

            "The Bill"

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