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            &#34;Digimon: Digital Monsters&#34;

            "Digimon: Digital Monsters" 5.1

            1999-08-14(美國)| 動畫 動作 冒險| 法國 日本
            上映時間:1999-08-14(美國) 類型: 動畫 動作 冒險 家庭 奇幻
            國家/地區:法國 日本 美國 
            評分: 力薦

            Seven kids attending a summer camp in Japan are transported to an alternate world linked to ours by the Information Superhighway. That's why...更多>



            Kari: I know you have to leave, Tai: I really do. O.K? Kari: O.K. Tai: Agumon can't digivolve without me. This is my fight too. Matt: What planet did I dial? Agumon: Digivolving is a very difficult process. In order to be successful, I had to share your energy. Metal Garurumon: I meant what I said, Matt. Cherrymon was wrong. Friendship, loyalty, they're more than just words, they're real, and they matter. I'm going to prove it to you. Tentomon: Whenever my skin gets dirty, I just shed it. Koushiro "Izzy" Izumi: That would be difficult for me. Mimi: I want my own bed, my own bathroom, and I'm even starting to miss my baby brother. Sora Takenouchi: Too bad your brain isn't as big as your hair. Ken: You will bow before me. Takeru "T.K." Takashi: Sorry, the floor's kind of dirty. Takeru "T.K." Takashi: When you can't think of anything to say, do you always resort to fighting? Ken: I guess... Takeru "T.K." Takashi: That's your problem. You don't know when to talk and when to fight. Now's a good time to talk... on the other hand... it's also a good time to fight. Puppetmon: All I wanted to do was play a little game of war with T.K. Takeru "T.K." Takashi: Oh, play? You mean like... pretend? Puppetmon: But of course. At least at first it will be make believe, anyway. But then it's bye bye, and it will be time to destroy you for real. If I got rid of you now, I'd have no fun. Ken: What's so funny? TK:


            You claim to be the Digmon Emperor. You turn good Digimon into your slaves. You see Ijijoudji you're a pretender. You have no idea of the powers that you're up against.


            Tai: Good thing we're in a hospital, cause it looks like we may need one. Vadamon: All those that are greedy fall into the pit. Izzy: I'm not sure I comprehend what you're talking about. What are you accusing us of being greedy for? Vadamon: Wanting to know too much of course. You're sticking your nose where it doesn't belong. Izzy: What could possibly be wrong with gaining knowledge and information? Vadamon: See, you're doing it again. You can't seem to stop yourself. You're headed straight into the pit if you don't learn to control yourself. Izzy: How come? Vadamon: You don't even know that you're doing it. Izzy: I don't? Vadamon: It's like a disease with you. Oh well, nice knowing you. Izzy: All you need to know, whether you like it or not. Matt: Enough. Why don't you stop and think about other people's feelings for a change? Tai: Huh? What are you talking about? Matt: We all know you're right, Tai, but just give us a little space. Tai: Wha? Matt: We miss our friends who fought along side of us. Not everyone has ice running through their veins like you do. Tai: Wha? T.K.: Calm down. Matt: You're so busy looking forward, that you never take time to look back. We've lost some good friends here, Tai and it's nice to remember them once in awhile. Tai: If we always stop to do that, we'll never have enough time to save the world. Matt: You still don't get it. I know you hear me, but you're not listening. Tai: Izzy. Izzy: Look, it's Tai. Where are you? Tai: I'm home, but I got your message that you're in danger. I'm trying to find you. Izzy: Tell me about it, I'm trying to find myself... don't bother coming back to the digiworld, Tai. You'll just corrupt the universe. Tentomon: The name's Mon... Tento Mon. [about Piedmon] Joe: He made them all disappear. Tentomon: Well, at least he didn't saw them in half. Sora: What kind of sicko turns people into keychains? Piedmon: I'm not a sicko, I'm a collector of these new items of such sentimental value to me. T.K.: What's more boring? Paint drying or math? Kari: I need you, Tai... Gatomon... the National Guard. TK: I care too much about you to let you go down without a fight. Davis: You can't do this. You're just a kid like me.


            Digimon Emperor




            導演: 阿瓦提·錢德安

            演員: 阿米爾·汗澤伊拉·沃西姆



            導演: 李芳芳

            演員: 章子怡張震

            "Digimon: Digital Monsters"

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