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            The Boys Next Door

            The Boys Next Door (1986) 6.7

            1986-03-14(美國)| 犯罪 驚悚| 美國
            上映時間:1986-03-14(美國) 類型: 犯罪 驚悚
            評分: 力薦

            Ray and Bo leave their small town the weekend after graduation for a short road trip to LA. Soon, they find themselves lashing out and leavi...更多>



            Bo Richards: I don't want to sound like a fag or nothing, but you are my best friend.


            Bo Richards: I would fuck a cigarette lighter if my dick would fit! Roy Alston: What do you mean "if"? Bo Richards: Just what exactly does "eat my fuck" mean? Roy Alston: Beats me... Mr. Heaton: Most of you are going to go on to college. You're gonna be the people that change the world. Believe me, the world is changing. For example, Betsy. Betsy, you're going to major in computer science! Ed, Ed's gonna be an electrical engineer. And, er, Tom. Uh, oh, Tom, what were you again? Tom: Modern dance. Roy Alston: His name is not Bob. All fucking year you've called him Bob. His name is Bob. Bo Richards: Bo. Roy Alston: Bo. Bo Richards: Hey, this camel jockey is ripping us off! Roy Alston: I've got stuff inside of me. Bo Richards: What, feel like cancer or something? Roy Alston: You remember Christmas? That guy smashing your car and taking off? You could do nothing about it. Bo Richards: I was so pissed off, man. I wanted to kill that guy. Roy Alston: That's how I feel all the time. Bo Richards: Hey, come on, man. You're righteously pissed off. Hell, you're like a lot of people. Roy Alston: I thought the marines would get it out of my system. Bo Richards: All you're going to get out of the marines is a bad haircut. Detective Ed Hanley: Poor bastard will be lucky if he remembers his name after the beating he got. Two bucks. Un-fucking-believable. Bo Richards: So *this* is the Tar Pits? Big wow. Roy Alston: Why isn't it bubbling and stuff? Steam and shit. Maybe there's some kind of show. Bo Richards: What a screwy job. Roy Alston: Well, our jobs are better. Bo Richards: What, the factory? Roy Alston: No, our jobs as fashion designers. Bo Richards: Hey, quit complaining. It's a good job. Manufacturing. It's American! Roy Alston: You sound like my dad. He's been going in and out of those shit box factories for thirty years. Always a week away from getting out. Alright, we start monday but we don't get out in two months. Then it's six months. Then you wake up and it's thirty fucking years later. Roy Alston: They're what? Bo Richards: Anarchists, man. It means they'll fuck anything! Bo Richards: I just feel bad about that girl. I did not want to hurt her. Roy Alston:


            She didn't know what hit her. we gave her two seconds of pain. Girls like that one have given us eighteen years of pain.


            Bo Richards: Excuse me, where's the action around here? Angie: Action? There is no action around here, this is L.A. Bo Richards: What's the note say? Roy Alston: Thanks... for... taking... up... two... parking... places, ass... hole. Angie: Listen, Roy. There's a lot of tension in the air right now. Mercury's in retrograde. Venus is opposing Saturn. The moon's in Scorpio. Roy Alston: What has that to do with my car? Angie: Well, if you know your place in the cosmos, the world is beautiful. Just think to yourself, the world is beautiful. Roy Alston: Fuck the world! Roy Alston: This stuff is all bullshit! Angie: You know, you have very negative energy. It's going to prevent you getting anywhere in this life. Bo Richards: Two seconds of pain, Roy. Detective Mark Woods: Why did you kill your friend? Bo Richards: Because I had to. Roy Alston: Fucking dykes really get off calling us fags. Bo Richards: All I wanted was some gas! Roy Alston: [to Bo after snapping Angie's neck and spiking her body to the ground] You FUCKED that? Roy Alston: Alright. Party time. Party time, man. Bo Richards: You gave her a heart attack, man. Roy Alston: She was ready to die anyway.




            導演: 邱禮濤

            演員: 劉德華劉青云



            導演: 郭敬明

            演員: 趙又廷鄧倫

            The Boys Next Door

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