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            鐘樓怪人II (2002) 5.3

            The Hunchback of Notre Dame II

            2002-02-13(挪威)| 動畫 冒險 家庭| 美國
            上映時間:2002-02-13(挪威) 類型: 動畫 冒險 家庭 經典 愛情
            評分: 力薦




            [repeated line] Sarousch: Lovely... Sarousch: Lovely... I'm rich! Rich! I wonder if they make diamond underwear. Esmeralda: Zephyr, you need to slow down. Zephyr [really slow]: Okay, Mom... Zephyr: Yuck. Quasimodo: Yeah. Yuck. Sarousch: What are you doing? Madellaine: Just standing here and looking pretty. Madellaine: He is NOT a monster, and I am NOT your trinket! Hugo: I hope it's not contagious! Hugo: And what's the bell... without the bell ringer? Phoebus: A string of robberies every time a circus comes to town. Coincidence? I don't think so. How many times have I ever been wrong? [Achilles neighs, and counts on his hoof] Phoebus: Achilles... that was a rhetorical question. Phoebus: How many times has this happened to me? [Achilles counts on his hoof] Phoebus: Rhetorical! [to Quasimodo] Madellaine: You have a way with kids. Sarousch: What do you think will go better with my eyes? Sapphires or diamonds? [Madellaine sneezes] Gargoyles: Gesundheit! Madellaine: Oh, thank you. Hugo: You're welcome! [Laverne bonks him on the head] Hugo: Ow! Quasimodo: You saw the way she looked at me. Laverne: Well, get her to look again, kid! Quasimodo: Do you believe in miracles? Laverne: Miracles? I don't know what you're saying, Quasi. What kind of miracles? Quasimodo: Oh, just plain, ordinary miracles. They happen every day! Laverne: Go on out there, kid! Quasimodo: I-I-I can't! Hugo: Sure, you can! Victor: Open your mouth! Something will come out! [Quasimodo stutters] Hugo: Nothing came out! Victor: What does one wear to the circus? Quasimodo: Nothing. Hugo:


            Daring! Maybe not for the first date though.


            Victor: What does one wear to a carnival event? Quasimodo: Nothing. Hugo: Daring, ha! Maybe a bit pushy for a first date. Quasimodo: What are you doing? Zephyr: Nothing. You were making google eyes at your girlfriend.




            導演: 阿瓦提·錢德安

            演員: 阿米爾·汗澤伊拉·沃西姆



            導演: 李芳芳

            演員: 章子怡張震


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