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            Soul Man

            Soul Man (1986) 5.0

            1986-10-24(美國)| 喜劇| 美國
            上映時間:1986-10-24(美國) 類型: 喜劇
            評分: 力薦

            Mark doesn't expect any problems in going to college: he and his friend have reserved places in Harvard and his parents have the money to pa...更多>



            Professor Banks: Mr. Watson, I am not a humorous man, but if you insist on taking up my class time making jokes, please see to it that they are funny. Mark: This is the Cosby decade. America loves black people. Mark Watson: Mom! Dad! There's something I have to tell you... I'm black. Mark Watson: She told me they have support for people whose parents are poor, but not for those whose parents are assholes. Mark Watson: I got the money, Brad. Brad Small: Oh? How? Mark Watson: Where there's a will, there's a way... Brad Small: Yeah? And what's your way? Mark Watson: It's a SECRET way. Gordon Bloomfeld: A secret way... Brad Small: Well thats great Mark-o, but just in case your "secret way" falls through, feel free to look me up! Thanks for the cocktail Gordon... Mark Watson: You didn't believe me, do ya? You don't believe me! Well the joke's on you sucker, because I'm going to Harvard and DON'T CALL ME A LIAR! That asshole thinks I'm lying! Gordon Bloomfeld: Mark! You ARE lying... Professor Banks: I understand you are allowed one phone call from jail? Mark Watson: Yes. Professor Banks: Next time you get arrested, use it to call me. I'll bring you your books. You can study in jail. Mark Watson: With all due respect, sir, I just spent 18 hours locked in a jail cell, on no formal charges, getting pulverized by drunken bigots! Professor Banks: If you've had some sort of accident, Mr Watson, perhaps you should have taken the entire day off. Mark: Oh. I'm fine. I just got in sort of a fight. I mean, it wasn't my fault! You see they threw me in this cell with these real ass - - some extremely unsportsman-like fellows. Professor Banks: Some of you may have had easy lives up until now. Some of you may not. Life this semester won't be *easy* for any of you. Your grades in your first year of law school can determine your entire future in the law. Gordon Bloomfeld: Objection! Professor Banks: To what? Gordon Bloomfeld: Quite frankly, to your tone of voice. Gordon Bloomfeld: A black Negro? He never told me he was a black Negro. Thank you. Boy, just when you think you get to know somebody. I'm gonna go confront him with this information right now. Wow... Mark... a black Negro! Mark Watson: What's happening, brother? Get down, get down. Looking good, mamma, looking good. Well, I gots to be going now!




            導演: 阿瓦提·錢德安

            演員: 阿米爾·汗澤伊拉·沃西姆



            導演: 李芳芳

            演員: 章子怡張震

            Soul Man

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